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Advice on the options available to you after retirement

Once you decide to retire and start drawing an income from your investments, we explain what options are available to you.

It's now more important than ever that you seek advice.When the new Pension Freedom rules were introduced in 2015, the whole Pension landscape changed.

The ability to be able to access the whole of your Personal Pension fund gave people the chance to look at their retirement in a completely different way.

However, with that opportunity comes responsibility.

Spending too much at the start means that there is a real chance that funds could run out in later life.

Yet, if you use this flexibility wisely, not only could you benefit from a better retirement, but you could also leave some money to your beneficiaries, so that they can start planning for their future retirement too.

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"I felt very comfortable with Phil Casey's advice"


"Transferring out of a DB pension is a major financial decision and I initially met with a few IFA’s that I did not feel were a good fit, who were encouraging me to take a higher degree of investment risk than I was comfortable with.

Phil [Casey] was then recommended to me by a colleague and I soon felt very comfortable with his advice, which was pitched at a level that was appropriate to my investment risk appetite. Phil and his team at PS Aspire provided the comprehensive information and advice that I needed to understand my options, assess the risks and ultimately make an informed decision. I had a good experience using Phil and his team and would be more than happy using them again for advice."

Steven Grainger, PS Aspire client, 2019

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How we can help you

We will work closely with you to discuss what your plans are in retirement, and what are the best options when considering your income needs.

It may be more beneficial to use different types of savings to provide your income, ensuring that you get the income you need, whilst paying as little tax as possible.

We also need to think about what assets you are investing in, as your funds now need to be providing you with an income rather than simply growing in value.

It's therefore very clear that advice is crucially important.


The options available

Once we've set your retirement plans in place, we will then meet with you on a regular basis to discuss any changes required to your income needs going forward, both for the short and long term.

We can then consider exactly how we provide that income and what changes, if any, need to be made to your Pension or other savings.

We'll also talk to you about what options will be available to your beneficiaries upon your death. We want you to go away from this meeting confident that your income needs will be met, so that you can enjoy your retirement.

We also hope you will be comforted by the fact that your funds can be passed down to whoever you so wish. 

You should always remember that as a pension is a long term investment, the fund value may fluctuate and can go down. Your eventual income may depend on the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.


Begin the journey

What do you need to do next?

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