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Helping people think today about improving their tomorrow.

Everyone has different financial circumstances and different aspirations for the future.

We recognise this above all else, which is why our London team pride themselves on a tailored personal service designed to help you achieve your desired financial future.

Punter Southall Aspire is about maintaining the values that we believe in, whilst adapting to the ever changing world of financial services.

Clients are treated as individuals and our aim is to deliver the best possible solutions and service to each and every one.


Whatever your need, there’s a local consultant who can bring nationwide expertise to your door.

Browse the services below to get an idea of the financial planning services available in London. Contact us if you have a query about a specific service.


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Financial planning services in London

The services we offer



Looking to make a move? Tailored, qualified advice on the range of mortgages available to you


Wealth management

Strategic financial planning is essential in today's complicated world. We work with you to find tailored solutions to help you achieve a secure financial future


Life assurance

Giving you the peace of mind you need to live life to the full, knowing that you and your family are all covered against life’s unfortunate events



Our experts provide advice on tax-efficient saving for a time after work



How will your money work for you during retirement? Our team can help you plan for your needs

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Next Generation Savings

Financial Planning for Everyone



We offer a comprehensive range of mortgage products from across the market.

We can offer advice on the entire range of products available to suit your own particular circumstances and are not restricted to any one particular lender.

We offer a no obligation, initial consultation of up to 30 minutes – at no cost to you – for all mortgage business enquiries. We can talk to you either in person, or over the telephone.

For the tailored, qualified advice you need, talk to us.

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If you require independent advice regarding your mortgage, contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs further.

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Wealth management

Strategic financial planning is essential in today's complicated world.

We want to know more about you.

What are your plans, and how much risk are you prepared to take?

Once we know more about you, we can manage your wealth.

When we invest a client’s money, we consider three key aspects before we start. These are quite simply:

  • What do you need the money for?

  • When do you need it?

  • How much risk are you prepared to take with it?

These simple questions will direct how we help you to manage your wealth. 

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If you have a question about your financial planning, contact us to arrange a free consultation with one of our expert team.
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Life assurance

Protection isn’t an easy subject to think about.

But protecting your loved ones has never been easier, and it's designed to give you the peace of mind you need to live life to the full, knowing that you and your family are all covered against life’s unfortunate events.

The correct policy and appropriate level of cover is vital when it comes to protecting you and your family.

At Punter Southall Aspire we are able to advise on all aspects of life assurance cover to ensure that your loved ones are properly catered for should the worst happen.

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If you have any questions or queries concerning our service and the aspects of life assurance cover, contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

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The earlier you can start planning for retirement, the easier it will be and the more you'll potentially benefit. 

Whether you're part of a Workplace Savings scheme or fund your pension through your own business, you should always be asking yourself some key questions around your contribution levels and your investment options.

But these days, funding for retirement isn’t simply a matter of paying into a pension. It's also very important to consider all types of savings contracts, such as ISAs, as well.

So talk to us about tax-efficient savings for a time after work.

In our experience, the more advice you get, the more likely it is that your retirement will be a pleasant experience.

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Once you decide to retire and start drawing an income from your investments, we explain what options are available to you.

It's now more important than ever that you seek advice.When the new Pension Freedom rules were introduced in 2015, the whole Pension landscape changed.

The ability to be able to access the whole of your Personal Pension fund gave people the chance to look at their retirement in a completely different way.

However, with that opportunity comes responsibility.

Spending too much at the start means that there is a real chance that funds could run out in later life.

Yet, if you use this flexibility wisely, not only could you benefit from a better retirement, but you could also leave some money to your beneficiaries, so that they can start planning for their future retirement too.

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