Late last year, I joined Punter Southall Aspire to lead the financial planning team.

When I came aboard, I saw it as the next step in a career dedicated to making sure planners really get to the heart of what clients need at every stage of their lives.

And after a detailed interview process, I thought I had a pretty good idea what the Punter Southall group of companies had to offer.

But in a way, what happened during the pandemic gave me a much more nuanced insight.

The heart of what we do

That’s because while the virus turned business routine for much of us on our heads, this disruption also helped to reveal more about the priorities which sit at the heart of what we do.

The manner in which we made sure we kept in touch with clients was also reflected in the concerted effort expended to get to know and understand the role of colleagues across various operations.

Over the first four months, I think I learned more about the other businesses in the group than would have been the case in a calendar free of Covid. This was simply because everyone did a bit more to be welcoming at an uncertain period and to spend a little more time explaining what they can do.

And a result, I’ve learned more about other products and services that may be of interest to you, as clients, as you may not be aware of the connection.

The Punter Southall businesses

If you’re a business owner with a legal query, from commercial law to employment, our colleagues at Punter Southall Law may be a good place to start.

If you have a legacy defined benefit pension scheme in need of independent trustees, Punter Southall Governance Services is now one of the largest specialists in this market.

And here at Punter Southall Aspire, it’s not only your personal finances we help to plan. We also work with more than a thousand corporate clients on their employee benefits, ranging from pensions to cycle-to-work and everything else in between.

Sometimes financial planning, with its emphasis on individual circumstances and strategies, can seem a separate form of advice altogether.

But as most of what we know has been turned on its head over the last 12 months, this can mean a shift in what your normal perspective might be.

Joining the dots

For me, it’s been instructive to join the dots between what we do and how our sister and associated companies interlock with the concerns and challenges our clients face.

It’s no accident that by putting you at the heart of our business, we can cover your needs across all eventualities and scenarios.

You can find more about each of the Punter Southall businesses by visiting this page. Or if you would like to find out more about the financial planning support Punter Southall Aspire offer, get in touch.

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Posted by Bryan Parkinson

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